What inspires you? For my good friend Zack and I, mountains do the trick. Before the cold winter months are too distant a memory, I wanted to take the time to share a short film Zack Wilson and I made last November. Zack flew into Denver for my album release show a day early, and we decided to head west to make a short film. We woke up early and drove through the Rocky Mountains for a few hours, chasing light and beauty. After a few hours of hiking around, our feet went numb and we headed back to Denver for some warm beverages. There we had a refreshing conversation about creativity, discipline, and legacy. Zack recorded our chat and combined our morning efforts from that day into this beautiful short film. Ever since working on this, I have thought longer and harder about legacy than ever before and it has proven to be an inspiring little mental exercise. In a wonderful paradox, thinking big picture has helped to shape my smallest daily habits as a songwriter and artist. Enjoy the views and musings:

The Legacy Series // vol. I // Joel Ansett from the [ P R E M I S E ] studio on Vimeo.

So, what inspires you? It is a great little writing exercise to sit down and put words to what motivates and inspires you. It is even more fun to let your imagination wander a few centuries down the road and think on what your creative legacy might be. Grab a pen and paper and see what comes out, then let those big picture insights shape your daily creative habits. I am a John Mayer fan, though I have never quite been able to sing along with that line “waiting on the world to change.” Friends, the world is waiting to be changed. More than that, it is being changed by the smallest things we do everyday. You will leave a legacy. Don’t be afraid to sit down and think through what you want it to be.

And now a word about the real visionary here. For followers of my music, Zack’s work is familiar. He photographed and designed the song art for “Idols,” “Let Yourself Break,” “She Walks in Beauty,” and “Never Ends.” He also created the film for our last kickstarter campaign, which funded my debut full-length album, The Nature of Us, for which he went on to design all of the album artwork. Zack is a dear friend and a joy to work with. He is a gifted creative, thoughtful, precise, and patient. I feel privileged to have worked with him and look forward to how his creativity and legacy changes the world. His latest venture has been to join a talented creative team and help launch The Premise Studio. Check their work out here: www.thepremisestudio.com