Album Credits

Produced by Brandon Weaver (except where noted)

Co-Produced by Chase Weber

Recorded at Iron Wing Studios (Newport, KY) and The Bongo Tree (Cincinnati, OH)

Engineered by Brandon Weaver and Chase Weber

Mixed by Brandon Weaver

Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo (Atlanta, GA)

Album Art and Photography by Zack Wilson


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Joel Ansett – Quiet Riot – Dope Magazine



I had the opportunity to create this record because of an amazingly supportive fan base that raised $25,000 in 30 days. That was last December 2014, and I spent the last year writing and recording the songs; now it’s finally ready for your ears. These songs are all about identity — “Who am I?” At the outset, I think I’d rather not ask that question. I like to dismiss it as cheesy or trite, but I think the truth is, I’m scared to ask that question. And if I ever do get the boldness up to ask it, I don’t like to dwell on it for too long. So with this album, I was trying to be brave and ask that question over and over again. It led to some amazing highs and amazing lows and each song on this record presents a different layer of that identity. While it’s obviously not an all-encompassing picture of who we are as humans, I hope the songs bring revelation for us to see ourselves and our life stories more clearly.


I still have a difficult time wrapping my head around all of the grace, love, and support that made this album possible. While, in my pride, I would not have told the story this way, the entire creative process was shaped by an uncomfortable but blessed dependency. I would not have discovered these songs without Almighty God breathing the gift of music into the world. I would not have a love for melody and Truth without the loving guidance and support of my parents and family. I would not have the diligence and motivation to steward any creative idea without the love and encouragement of my wife Molly. I could not have launched a successful fundraising campaign without the incredible kindness and talent of Zack Wilson.

I could not have funded the album without the overwhelming generosity of 313 dear fans, friends, and family. I could not have taken the time off to record the album without the loving support and understanding of the St. Patrick community. I could not have captured and preserved the sounds and stories without the guidance, talent, and sacrifices of Brandon Weaver and Chase Weber. The sound itself would not be so full and inspiring without the gifts of Brandon Weaver, Chase Weber, Joel Beussink, Ryan Doyle, James Carroll, Sam Allen, Aaron Fredrick, & Anthony Talbott. And before you zone out at the long list of names, I need you to understand that I am sharing all of these names not only to honor these people, but because I want it to shape the way YOU listen. All of these wonderful people sowed deeply into this project; seeds of talent, seeds of sacrifice, seeds of faith, hope, and love. Guess what that means folks?

A HARVEST IS COMING. Listen for it. Expect it. The moment the melodies hit your ears, the seeds have begun to sprout. Listen for the harvest. Listen with hope and expectancy that the harvest will come in the way these songs speak to you. I hope and pray these songs will bless you. I hope and pray they bring you closer to home, and closer to knowing who you are.

Lyrics and Credits

Kingdom Come

Love is the place we’re from • you and I • you and I • you and I • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom come • Love is the place we’re from • you and I you and I you and I • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom come • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom • come and see the difference and significant distance between our current existence and who we crave to be • something we been missing maybe even resisting is a deliverance vision of who we’re made to be • so I’m hoping singing brings us closer to home • CHORUS: we’ll sing our grandmother’s stories • our grandfather’s glories • with every smile and scar • see a little more of who we are • we’ll sing today and tomorrow our joys and our sorrows • remember where we’re from • and we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom Come • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom come • you and I • you and I • you and I • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom come • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom • come and see conditions of identities missing • I’m lost in constant transition of who I claim to be • something I been missing is a humble position of getting vision from the one who gave a name to me • so I’m hoping singing brings us closer to home • CHORUS • we’ll sing ‘til Kingdom come

Written by Joel Ansett and Margaret Dowers
Joel Ansett: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals, Programming, Snaps
Chase Weber: Electric Guitar, Synths, Programming, Backing Vocals, Snaps
Brandon Weaver: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Snaps
Anthony Talbott: Drums