She Walks in Beauty

Album Credits

Song by Joel Ansett

Lyrics by Margaret Dowers

Lyrics inspired by Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty”

Cover Art and Photography by Zack Wilson

Produced by Brandon Weaver (Iron Wing Studios)

Mastered by Austin Gorrigan (Sonic Arts)

Joel Ansett: Vocals, Guitar

James Carroll: Keys

Brandon Weaver: Upright Bass

Isaac Vining: Drums

This song was written for my mother who has battled breast cancer twice now. The lyrics were inspired by a poem written by Lord Byron of the same title. My sister, Margaret Dowers, used that poem as inspiration to write a poem that could encourage our mom in her own battle with breast cancer and once that poem was complete, I did my best to put it to music. The basic storyline of the song is that it was not physically beautiful to watch our mother go through breast cancer. As the lyrics attest, her body was at war with itself. She lost her hair and her glow. But through it all, there was beauty. The real kind. The kind that lasts, the kind that is deeper than what our eyes can see. That’s what this song is about. Real Beauty. Our hope is that this song is an engine for fundraising and healing for women battling breast cancer. ALL proceeds we make from selling this song will be donated to charitable organizations also helping women through breast cancer. For these first few months, we’ve chosen Little Pink Houses of Hope as the charity that will receive the funds from our song sales. You can read about their vision and ministry at this link. It is our vision for every woman that is battling breast cancer to hear this song and find hope in a deeper beauty, one that lasts forever.