Let Yourself Break

Album Credits

Song by Joel Ansett

Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Chase Weber

Mastered by Dillon Mayfield

Joel Ansett: Guitar, Vocals

James Carrol: Keys

Joel Beussink: Bass

Kevin Rooney: Drums

Chase Weber: Other groovy sounds

There’s two ways to respond to hardship, to tough it out or let it break you. I wrote this song to encourage the latter.  A quote from my mother got the ball rolling. I was talking with her on the phone one day and she relayed to me her latest discovery about suffering, that “rock bottom is solid ground.” I don’t know if she heard it somewhere or thought of it herself, but either way, the quote really smacked me in the face. I had been going through some struggles of my own and when she said “rock bottom is solid ground” I saw a new way out, an avenue I hadn’t thought of before, a very counter-intuitive one.