“Idols” OUT Now!

Thrilled to announce the release of yet another single today! When we give our whole heart to something, even if its a good thing, we seldom get our whole heart back. We get fragments back, and then we throw those fragments at something else and get even more...

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A Wedding Music Video!

After getting Molly's song professionally recorded, we realized it would be PERFECT to make a music video out of our wedding day. So we called up Molly's family friend and videographer, Sam Allen, and he took the job almost immediately. Beyond just taking on the...

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New Shows!

Hey there folks! Got some shows to announce to help promote this new single we've got coming out. Tell your friends and we'll hope to see you there! September 25th - State College, PA | CommonPlace | 1pm October 4th - Grove City, PA | beans on broad | 7:30pm October...

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